What we've done

At the moment we are in talks with community gardens and farms in Dorchester to create a series of events including festivals that explores the cultivation rituals of our ancestors using music and dance. In doing so we will hold workshops in those dances all while educating the community on sustainable foods, healthier eating choices and to promote awareness of the greenspaces in their neighborhood.

Community Work

Because of our mission to empower and strengthen communities we had decided to raise money to build an adequate theater space at the King School for the local community. We purchased, donated and wired up a new lighting and sound system in addition to building a sound booth. We trained the kids and some of the staff so that they could manage the space themselves for the community.


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About Lakai Arts

Lakaï is a Kreyol word derived from the Haitian language that means, “Home”. Lakaï Arts promotes healing while remaining grounded to the idea of home; to trace the ripple effects not only of harm, but also of healing and joy, through families, neighborhoods and communities. Lakaï Arts aims to build stronger communities of color towards self sufficiency using the arts within the Afro-Diaspora while honoring the pre-existing local organizational efforts in those communities.